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Smoked Hoki Chowder with dukkah toast

Prep Time:

10 minutes

Cook Time:

35 minutes


4 servings



About the Recipe

Fish Chowder a hearty creamy smoked fish soup. This recipe is paired with a sourdough dukkah toast to dunk in it.


Smoked fish ingredients:

260g 10 knots smoked Hoki, skin removed

Other ingredients:

2 tbsp oil, light olive

20g unsalted butter

230g onions, finely chopped

sea salt & freshly ground black pepper

120g celery, finely sliced

4 large garlic cloves, finely chopped

1 tsp curry powder

¼ tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp cayenne pepper

350g waxy potatoes, cut into 1-2cm cubes

2 bay leaves

800ml vegetable stock, warmed

150ml cream

260g 10 knots smoked Hoki, skin removed

100g cavolo nero, kale or silverbeet leaves roughly chopped

4-6 slices of sourdough bread

Light olive oil, for brushing

4-5 tbsp dukkah spice mix


Step 1

Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan.

In a large, lidded saucepan, or Dutch oven pot, warm the oil and butter over a medium low heat. Add the onion, season generously with salt and pepper and sauté for 5-6 minutes, until softened. Add the celery and garlic, cooking for a further 2-3 minutes.

Step 2

Add the curry, turmeric and cayenne, cooking for 2 minutes before stirring through the potato cubes. Pour in the hot stock, add the bay leaves, bring to a simmer. Lower the heat, cover and cook for 12 minutes.

Step 3

Prepare the toast by slicing the sourdough as thin as you can, brush with oil and sprinkle over the dukkah. Place on a tray and bake in the middle of the oven for 10 minutes.

Finish the soup by stirring through the cream, then greens, and flake in the smoked fish. Poach on a low heat, just under a simmer, with the lid off, for 10 minutes.

Serve immediately with your dukkah toasts on the side.

This recipe was created by Kylee Newton. Kylee has two published cookery books, The Modern Preserver and The Modern Preserver’s Kitchen. Her international career has seen her recipes in publications such as the UK’s Guardian ‘Cook’ and ‘Feast’, Observer Food Monthly, the Telegraph, as well magazines such as the BBC Goodfood, Olive, and Jamie Oliver. She currently writes columns in the NZ Herald’s ‘Be Well’ and for Dish Magazine.

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